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Giant Horse!
Penny st johns1
It hasn't been very often in my life that I've gotten the opportunity to ride a really nice horse. JM is now letting me ride her Oldenburg Rialdi. He oozes awesomeness.

He's so big, especially compared to Penny. I can feel each muscle move when Penny's are lost because her pony body is always moving so fast (even when we're going slow.) Rialdi there's almost pauses in between things. I've been on him twice and I love being able to practice the things we're teaching Penny on a horse that knows how to do it. I'm still figuring things out, because let's face it, I'm a horrible rider compared to what he's used to. He's being patient and kind with me and giving me things I really have no right to even consider. Today we did extended trot. That's about the most fun I've ever had doing flatwork and never before have I done it.

I'm all grins when I'm on him. How could I not be? And then I forget when I'm getting off that the ground is really far away :D

(Sorry about the Giant Picture. I can't figure out how to change the size at present.)

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Handsome fella!

And ha, that long...spaces...between...footfalls on the big horses always cracks me up -- and my usual ride is a little horse, not a pony! I can only imagine how funny it must feel switching off of Penny.

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