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Penny st johns1

Make a Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

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Penny st johns1
Penny and I have been in serious training for months. Yesterday I decided I needed a pseudo day off where I didn't ask for much. I got on and had a lovely, rhythmic, calm pony. She was using her body, her neck long, if not all pretty. I'm perfectly happy with straight out in front of the withers right now, because she didn't bring her head higher than that until we started jumping. And yes we finally jumped as I brought my standards down. Definite downside of dressage land: no jumps hanging about. Penny was still my awesome "steer and hold on" pony, taking me to the jumps like she does. I also made JM's day because she loves to jump, but has focused on dressage for so long she doesn't get to do it much. She took Zaya over a tiny, tiny jump, perhaps the first jump he's done in his life. I'm trying to get her to bring Rialdi to an event this summer. And darn, I'll have to jump Rialdi too to prepare him.