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My part
Penny st johns1
I've been posting lots about Penny and not much about me. I am doing my part, I swear!

On October 4th I got a breast reduction. It was absolutely essential (even though my insurance wouldn't pay for it.) My surgeon made me take eight weeks off afterwards. The day I was allowed to bounce again I went for a run for the first time in years. I didn't bounce! It didn't hurt my neck! And I could breathe! I cried as I ran down the driveway (our driveway is about 1/2 a mile long, so to the mail box and back is roughly a mile.) I think I ran more of it than I ever have. Oh, and for those of you thinking a mile is nothing I'd like you to note my house is at 7000'. Everything is harder at elevation. I really like to run and not being able to was a hole in my life. Plus I now have a way to increase my lung function, so I should be able to get around a course without thinking I'm going to die.

The next day I sat on Penny for the first time in almost three months (the two months post surgery and the month after I fell off her (broken finger) and she was lame.) I sat in the saddle and my shoulders just went back where they're supposed to be. For the first time in years my body didn't want to lean forward constantly. I had an awesome ride. And, like when I was running, I can now breathe.

I still need to get in better shape. I gained some waist in my three month layup that I'm less than pleased about. I'm trying to remember to run on the days that aren't too cold or windy. I'm starting yoga on monday. Agility restarts this next week too. I'm getting non-fat milk in my frappuccinos (getting rid of the frapps is not an option :D ) They taste almost exactly the same, so it was an easy substitution. Sometime soon I'll start hiking (weather permitting) since I'm also getting in shape to hike a Fourteener (14,000' mountain.) Lots to do. But there's this nice comfy couch...


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