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Darn rules!
Penny st johns1
Whoopsies. I inadvertently lost my amateur status in the horse world by lunging horses for JM. I don't necessarily consider lunging training (it can be of course, but what I was doing so wasn't,) but USEA does. Which means that I was being compensated (in lessons) for training a horse. So, now I'm not an ammie anymore. I was pissed at first, but now I'm thrilled. I was hamstringing myself trying to keep amateur status, having to turn down schooling rides because I'd be being compensated. Now I can ride all the fancy horses and get paid in lessons to do it. Today I rode Penny, her boyfriend Zaya the trakehner, and the always awesome Rialdi. It was awesome.

I cannot count how many times I read the Amateur section of the Rule Book, yet I still screwed up. Oh well.


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