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Penny st johns1
Down in working student land yesterday I lunged and rode Penny, who was fine. I really think I'm missing something as far as communicating with her is concerned. Something is just not there. Then I rode R. Riding these big dressage horses is like learning a foreign language. I could not get R to trot. He takes the contact with the smallest cue, but getting him to move? Not so easy. I know it's just a communication problem, he obviously knows how. With help from JM's hubby S and a whip I got him moving. And oh, did we move. I thoroughly enjoy that horse. I remembered on my drive home that R's saddle has some of those flexible stirrups on them and when I had normal irons I didn't have an issue. Will be switching them out next ride to see if things go better.

Z's owner wants me to ride him on the days JM doesn't and DC's owner would like the same when she's out of town. I'm definitely not going to turn down a ride on DC, the Grand Prix horse. He's said to be a tough ride, but it's a technical tough as opposed to behaviorally. It couldn't be the latter, as his 87 year old owner does just fine with him.


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